Construction Services

J-2 Contracting Co. is the right choice for all of your Construction needs! From Pre-Construction through final completion we strive to make the entire process efficient and painless for our clients. We leverage our extensive experience in civil construction, project management, cost estimation, and site development to provide unmatched results on your Design-Build, Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC), or Construction Manager At-Risk (CMAR) project. These collaborative project approaches are designed to maximize flexibility and reduce overall project costs. We have completed numerous projects that utilize these alternate contract delivery methods with tremendous success.

It’s recommended that J-2 is engaged early in the Pre-Construction process to achieve the maximum benefit to owners. Collaboration and effective communication with Owners and Stakeholders are the key attributes to a successful Pre-Construction process. The Pre-Construction Services we can provide and the associated benefits that can be expected on your project are detailed below:

Pre-Construction Services

Preliminary Planning/Engineering/Permitting
Scope Definition
Risk Assessment
Identify Utility Conflicts – Potholing/Survey
Constructability Analysis & Value Engineering
Material Analysis & Procurement Planning
Public/Stakeholder Outreach
Construction Phasing Development
In-House Cost Analysis Using Our Professional Estimators
Subcontractor Pre-Qualification, Solicitation, and Vetting
Project Schedule Development Using Critical Path Method

Benefits to Owners

Collaboration Aligns Project Goals
Overall Risk Reduction
Accurate Project Budgeting
Cost Reduction
Improvement in Overall Schedule